Cyber Crime Investigation & Cyber Laws Consultancy

Sytech Labs with it’s skills provide the training as well as consultancy to various government officials like Crime Dept, CID, CBI, IB and many more on how to investigate about any cybercrime happened with people and even trained them to provide the awareness about the security parameters based on technology.

Today virtual world has established itself parallel to the reality. Almost everyone has created an identity on the internet in order to tap the unlimited potential of the internet for interacting, exploring, visualizing and evolving. Naturally there are illegal activities going on the net that are constantly working towards jeopardizing businesses, stealing top secret data in hi profile organizations, manipulating individual accounts, phishing, defacements and pharming in monetary transactions.

Sytech Labs is there for you as a consultant offering you its support at every level, be it

  • Crime against Person
  • Crime against Property
  • Crime against Government
  • Cyber Crime Consultancy
  • Cyber Operations (for intelligence)
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Trainings
  • Cyber Security Trainings
  • IT Security Audits
  • System Security Tools and setup to prevent threats.

Our professionals with their domain expertise, superior technical know how and innovative procedures act as your security partner against any possible cyber attacks which can damage your online assets in any form.