Seminars & Workshops

Invite us in your college, universities, corporate sectors for the seminars and workshops to learn how to the secure the world under cyber attacks.we are longtime admirer of the outstanding achievements grabbed by your institute in recent past, this proposal is in continuation to our attempt of updating school and college students with latest market technologies at your doorstep in short time. It’s my to Introduce SYTECH LABS, a renowned Cyber Security Organization, well-known for providing IT Services as such Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, Computer Forensic Process, Ethical Hacking Training & Workshops, Web Security Solutions. Currently, these are the hottest and largest job-providing technologies. A propos to same, we wish to conduct workshop programs in these fields at your college campus.

In the era of 8000+ Engineering colleges in India, colleges under adept management leadership, leave no stone unturned for Students placement. Your college students may be well placed in the market, but being trained in workshops by professionals, definitely give them an edge. Our past experience of Seminars & Workshops exemplifies this statement. SYTECH LABS also runs different “On Campus Boot Camp” of Ethical Hacking & IT Security Training Courses in three different courses like CPEH (Certified Professional Ethical Hacker), CISA (Certified Information Security Expert) and CCFE (Certified Cyber Forensic Expert),CNPT(Certified Network and It's Penetration Testing),CCL(Certified Cyber Law) designed by professionals.

This workshop program is designed as per market survey to provide the technological advanced concepts along with basics to aptly fit in the hectic semester schedule and at the nominal cost as well. For the benefits of students’ fraternity, an Industrial exposure and hiring trends along with facts & figures of the Industry is provided by our HRD team in the first session. We look forward for this mutually beneficial opportunity and your benign cooperation in this endeavor, SYTECH LABS will be glad to revert back your positive reply.